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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV Running Smoothly

Maintaining your RV when not in use requires only a few simple steps which can save you a lot of money. Many of these maintenance tips are of the do-it-yourself variety, but having a professional tune-up once a year is wise. RV dealers in NC recommend that owners take certain measures to keep their RV running smoothly.

Couple on a Road Trip with a well maintained RV photo

  1. Protect the roof. If at all possible, store your RV under a shelter, car port, or roof of some kind. Keeping the sun from beating down on the roof of your RV will help it last longer.
  2. Run the generator. Occasionally running the generator will keep it in good shape and keep the gasoline from breaking down and causing damage.
  3. Check seals. The seals on the doors, windows, and roof can eventually wear out, crack, and leak. Checking the seals periodically will keep water from getting in and causing damage that you are unaware of.
  4. Ventilate. Opening the vents will help keep the interior temperature lower during storage times. Excessive heat can cause damage to the interior. But make sure water is not able to leak in through the vents.
  5. Lubricate. If your RV has slide rails like a pop-up camper or an expandable trailer, they can eventually rust or corrode from moisture and friction. Keep them properly lubricated to prevent squeakiness and excess wear and tear.
  6. Get a tune-up. Have your RV inspected and tuned-up by professional RV dealers in NC at least once a year, before you take your first trip of the season.

Avoid Costly Repairs with Regular RV Maintenance

Following these steps in combination with yearly professional maintenance can save you a lot of money by preventing costly repairs while out on the road. Eliminate the stress of RV problems during your vacation by being proactive about maintenance. RV dealers in NC offer maintenance services to keep your camper running smoothly. Call Out of Doors Mart at (866) 636-2267 or (336) 993-4518 to set up a maintenance appointment today.