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Salem Cruiselite

The Salem CruiseLite incorporates a host of popular features. Like most Salem models, the CruiseLite is spacious, even though it is one of the lighter models made by Salem. The lighter weight allows for better towing and maneuverability, something that is critical for any trailer. The interior of the CruiseLite mixes leather décor with wood flooring. With a host of features in the kitchen and living rooms, you can’t go wrong with this trailer. You are getting the space of a larger RV with the maneuverability of a smaller one.

The features in the Salem CruiseLite are plentiful. The trailer comes standard with an aerodynamic front profile, plank wood linoleum, a hardwood booth table top, brushed nickel cabinet hardware, and high definition counter tops. The CruiseLite also comes with a digital TV, microwave, single door refrigerator, awning, and raised panel cabinet door design. The exterior speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music while cooking or playing outside, and the extra space in the interior makes storage a breeze. The last thing you want is to feel cramped in your RV because there isn’t enough room for you and your family and friends.

The Salem CruiseLite is a great way to mix space and value. If you are new to the RV lifestyle, this is a great way to get started. This RV has enough space to fit everything you’ll need on your trip. This trailer comes with multiple floor plans, allowing you to customize your travel experience from the start. If you have been having trouble finding an RV to get started with, you should consider the CruiseLite. There are enough features for beginners as well as the most seasoned of RV users.