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Rockwood Travel Trailers

For travelers who are interested in getting one of the most stylish and comfortable RV brands on the market, it’s hard to beat a Rockwood. Rockwood RVs are extremely comfortable, but even the smallest models lack the cramped feeling that you might get in some trailers. Rockwood RVs put a premium on portability and accessibility, so you can count on being able to get where you need to without much hassle. Most Rockwood models come with customizable wood interior décor, which gives the Rockwood RVs a downright homey feel. With features such as an entertainment center with a speaker system, it’s hard to see how anyone could turn this RV brand down!

The Rockwood RVs come in several different models, including the Windjammer, the Signature Ultra Lite, the Mini Lite, Fifth Wheels, the Roo, and the Rockwood Signature Ultra. While all of these models have their own strengths, you can count on them all bringing the comforts that you’ve come to expect in a Rockwood. The Ultra Lite and the Mini Lite are Rockwood’s smallest models, but they don’t lack in features. These models come with the standard LED lighting and optional LED or LCD TV. Call today or browse our inventory to see the latest features. Rockwood updates their features often to ensure they are providing the most competitive product on the market for your hard earned dollar.

Rockwood models are built with a strong infrastructure that you can rely on. Every Rockwood RV is built with water filters and heated innerspring mattresses, included for your ultimate comfort. Vacuum-bonded laminated construction means that the trailer will remain stable, and the floors, roof, fronts, and backs are all aluminum framed. The stability and portability of Rockwood products allows travelers to focus on their destination instead of worrying about their ride. This is a brand that you can feel good about investing in, as you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.