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Benefits of Buying a 5th Wheel Camper

If you’re thinking of purchasing an RV, there are many different types to consider. There are motorhomes, buses, travel trailers, pop-up campers and more. If you want an affordable option that has many benefits, purchase a 5th wheel camper for sale in NC.

5th Wheel Camper


  • Disconnects from towing vehicle. One benefit of travel trailers, especially 5th wheels, is that you can unhitch them from the towing vehicle, giving you the freedom to get around the destination area unencumbered.
  • 5th wheel offers stability. Because of the way the 5th wheel hitches into the bed of the truck, it is more stable on the road. You can feel more confident on short and long trips.
  • Ready to use at destination. No set up. As opposed to pop-up campers there is no set up required once you reach your destination. Get in as late as you want and be ready to go to bed.
  • Extra interior space. The part of the 5th wheel trailer that hangs over the truck bed offers additional space inside, usually sleeping space. This additional sleeping space feels more private and secluded.
  • Easier to hitch and unhitch. Many campers agree that hitching and unhitching a 5th wheel is easier than other travel trailers, saving you time at departures and arrivals.
  • Easier to maneuver. The 5th wheel hitch makes it easier to back into a campsite or parking space. It is easier to maneuver through tight spaces and on back roads.

See the Benefits of a New or Used 5th Wheel Camper for sale in NC

Out of Doors Mart can show you the benefits of both new and used 5th wheel campers. It helps to get inside and see for yourself how much space you will have and the layout of the interior. Hitching and unhitching can be demonstrated so you can see just how easy it is. Call Out of Doors Mart at (866)636-2267