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Airstream Reviews

Why customers continually choose Airstream

The Airstream travel trailer is an American icon. Their shiny exteriors are aerodynamic and widely recognized, earning them the nickname “silver bullets.” Airstreams have been around since the 1930s and have recently become “hot” once again. There are many reasons why they are a top choice among novice and experienced campers alike. Stellar reviews across the internet are further proof of this. Find out why when you visit your Airstream dealer.

Airstream travel trailer

The Many Benefits of Airstream Travel Trailers:

  • Long lasting. Airstreams have been known to last 40 years or more according to reviews, meaning if you own an Airstream, you’ll likely have it for life. It also means purchasing a used Airstream is a worthwhile investment. Interiors are easy to remodel and redecorate, and many of these trailers have been through various transformations over their lifetimes whether they have changed hands or not.
  • Sturdy. The aluminum exterior is incredibly strong and durable. Airstream interiors hold up against the dirt and dampness that often accompanies camping trips. Reviewers rave about the great shape their Airstreams are in decades into owning them.
  • Lightweight. Perhaps the most celebrated characteristic of Airstream travel trailers is the lightweight body style. That was one of the key elements of the very first Airstream that Wally Byam designed back in 1929. He wanted a camper that was easy to tow and that his wife would be willing to stay in. New models found today at Airstream dealers still have this same characteristic that sets them apart, and the reviews speak for themselves. “Easy to tow,” and “better gas mileage” are some of the praises by Airstream customers.
  • Compact yet roomy. Many reviewers report that they chose an Airstream travel trailer because it had a more compact design than some larger travel trailers such as 5th Airstreams do come in different sizes and models, but the streamlined shape is the same for all. Despite the compact design, the interiors are still spacious, making it a favorite among campers.
  • Made in America. Customers looking for American-made products have hit the jackpot when buying an Airstream. Airstream travel trailers are constructed in Jackson Center, Ohio, in the very same plant since 1952. Interior furniture is produced by craftsmen to stand the test of time, and every component of the trailer is installed through the entry door instead of the cabinetry and walls being part of the support system of the trailer itself. Buying an Airstream is an investment in America’s economy.

When you Purchase an Airstream You Become Part of a Community

One of the biggest advantages to owning an Airstream, according to reviewers, is the friendly community you instantly become a part of. Airstream owners bond over their trailers. Conventions, clubs, forums, and more have been formed in honor of these icons. When you meet another Airstream owner on the road, prepare for a warm greeting whether it’s a wave, a flash of headlights, the beep of a horn, or a conversation at a rest stop. From the second you pull away from your Airstream dealer, you are an official member of a community of campers. Visit Out of Doors Mart at 8510 Norcross Road or call (336) 993-4518 to inquire about current models.